We have been at your service since 1985

In 1985, as Günay İnşaat, we started our activities in the construction sector in Bursa. In 1997, Günayoğlu Construction, Textile and Forest Products Ltd. We expanded our fields of activity by establishing the company. In 2003, we launched our textile factory on a 3.000 m2 closed area in Bursa Kestel Organized Industrial Zone. We continue our activities in the field of Construction and Textile in Bursa. As of 2016, we renewed and expanded our machinery in Textile, and during this time we built nearly 1000 flats, 40 villas, and 4 factories of 5000 m2 and delivered them to our customers.

Our Mission

GÜNAYOĞLU, which we adopt quality as a way of life and protects accuracy and trust as the most important value, has set its name in a different position among the respected companies of the sector, with its management approach based on “respect for people” since its establishment, with the construction works it carries out and the housing projects it produces. has placed.

our vision

Our corporate structure, which is based on creating value by meeting the expectations of our customers with a stable quality understanding, is to manage values in the “best” way with our customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth potential.

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Project Ideas

The construction industry, which is developing day by day, continues to develop and change due to the increasing population and changing trends. While in ancient times it was only a matter of building a closed space that could be lived in, today a thousand and one kinds of construction materials, architectural building types or different decoration trends have become a part of our lives.

Before the houses become habitable, they go through a long and challenging construction phase: Therefore, many points to be considered during the construction phase may affect the result to be more impressive and livable.

Quality & Durability

It is important to check the ground floor in order to have information and ideas about the foundation of the building. The floor columns on the floor of the house should be thoroughly examined. In case of any cracks in these columns, a specialist should be consulted. It is also not a correct building plan if the ground floor has a height of more than 3 meters. Also, every part of the ground floor needs to be walls. The use of partitions by demolishing the building walls for shops and so on negatively affects the earthquake resistance of the building.

Technological Investments

It is striking that smart home technologies have been the curiosity of everyone for many years. In fact, it has always been interesting to manage computers, control electronic products in the house with artificial intelligence, and have a voice that responds to voice commands in the science-fiction movies we watch.

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