Strengthening of Buildings

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6 September 2021
Posted :

Due to the geographical location of our country, we have to accept the reality of earthquakes that may come up with bad results at any time. But that doesn’t mean we should be afraid of earthquakes. Because with appropriate and adequate precautions, we can minimize these bad results. One of these measures is the strengthening of our buildings. In this article, we will touch on many topics on this subject and try to inform you.

First of all, let’s define exactly what building reinforcement means. Building reinforcement is the process to prevent loss of life that may occur as a result of the collapse or collapse of a structure during a possible earthquake. In this process, we can not only strengthen the existing carriers, but also add additional carriers to the system. In the first construction of our buildings, there is a prescribed period of use according to the current conditions and the materials used. Over time, this period of use may be shortened due to external factors that our building encounters. As we cannot predict exactly when the earthquake will strike and with what intensity it will come, it is of great importance to carry out this process. In this way, we can both extend the life of our building and continue our lives safely. Such a reinforcement is mostly not required since the newly constructed buildings will be constructed according to our current earthquake regulations and receive adequate engineering services. It is more correct to carry out such strengthening works for our buildings that have not received adequate engineering service, were built according to our old earthquake regulations or have been damaged due to small earthquakes over time.

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